Man of Steel - Superman Begins

Once on a brainstorming you get an idea of a new cover and panel to a mobile phone and that makes the mobile phone entirely new and innovative. Now you are trying to do the same with all mobile phones and what happens is the same that of man of steel.

First of all after Dark knight trilogy’s huge success and big failure of previous Superman Nolan’s design of dark super hero movie caught eye of the producers. So Nolan is officially in the reboot of the Superman franchise. You might see even the story credit to Nolan and David S. Goyer. Now what exactly the reboot promised and what exactly it gave.

We have been told that it is a reboot (of course we know that), then entirely dark and no John Williams score of Superman theme. After the Dark knight we all are expecting a great movie even on seeing a name Nolan in a Thank you credits. But the director is Zack Snyder so he has to do the major part. The direction relies heavily on the screenplay and story(if exist). So many may wonder why there is a story credit for Nolan. The answer is simple as I mentioned above the design of the cover is same as the Batman Begins. In the Batman template superman story is inserted and thy named Man of steel.

As of story we can’t make anything new as we know the story of Superman for ages and we can’t alter anything still some changes are made. You can find some Nolan signature over here and there which is much more evident that Nolan has involved to a greater part in it. No title credits, name of the movie is shown at the end, the word superman is used only twice and not even once by Lois Lane and Clark Kent joins in Daily Planet at the end after all the happening, No John Williams score. These are more than enough to show the Nolan effects but what is missing is called story. I searched in my pockets, below the seats and even in my popcorn cups but unable to find it.

The first half was pretty good in establishing characters and I felt like watching Batman begins. Even certain sequences made me think “am I watching Batman Begins or Man of steel?”. Then I realized that it is the Nolanistic effects and Super heroes should become Super hero by showing their attempts to hide their identity in flashback sequences(and of course with a beard). And post interval he becomes superhero with a brand new suit(Yes indeed brand new with undergarments under the pants).

Then now we have a superhero and that too he is compelled to reveal so we got the superhero. Now we have super villain, and America(Hollywood), Lots and lots of money, CG, Zack Snyder and Hans Zimmer composing new theme for the movie. So to use all the above fight sequences are brought in, as we expect more they gave us more and more of fight sequences till we exhaust and beyond that. We get bored of that still some might enjoy it. After all the fight sequences only Superman is considered as hero. And then villain is destroyed and for the next part the clue has been given who will be the villain.

Now we have so many things but what am I really saying about the movie, is it watchable or unbearable? This question has a very simple answer are you a fan of CG? Want fights, fights and fights? Then go for it. Now you may ask what is difference between this and Fast and Furious. The answer lies in the fact that this movie is just a trailer. In the words of Nolan it is the first act of prestige and you need to wait till the third act to complete(oh no, no more trilogy after TDKR, may be a trailer for Justice League). The movie is performance driven no doubt in that, the leads did their best. Also there is no lame jokes and smile at all in Superman’s face. It’s a serious business in the dark world, that is what Nolan saab is trying to tell us. Go watch it for special effects over dose and darkkkkkkk Superman.


  1. "what is missing is called story. I searched in my pockets, below the seats and even in my popcorn cups but unable to find it." :D HA HA HA


    1. Nooooooooo...... athukku nee theatre la ye paathuralaam....


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