The Mighty Eight - WeChat group

This post is for a competition by WeChat along with Indiblogger. First of all I have to thank them for allowing to choose more than five people. Here I am going to share who are the people I would like to contact through WeChat. To know more about the WeChat you can browse at WeChat's You Tube channel

Bruce Lee:   

first of all as being a martial artist, I want to give the honour of connecting with him first in the list. There are two reasons for choose him, primarily being the inspiration for martial arts. He is the only person who managed to enter into Hollywood and made a stamp on the industry. Although his span was short and only known as a stunt man and martial artist, he is a great philosopher. He had the real passion for the martial arts and he explains the philosophy of the whole martial arts in just three minutes in his last movie “Enter the dragon”. The secondary reason is to answer to those people who ask, “Tere pass kya hai?” ,”mera pass bruce lee hai”. That is more than enough to shut many mouths.
                                I would really like to talk to him about the invention of Jeet – kune – do. I would also share my views on my inspiration of martial arts from his work and I would be glad to show how his contribution changed the world of martial arts. At the same time I would like to hear more about his unfinished works and would like to learn the philosophy of the martial arts in a detailed manner. Above all I want to ask the biggest question any man would like to ask, how did you defeat Chuck Norris?

Richard. P. Feynman:    

He is a Physicist and a Nobel laureate. When you think of a scientist what comes to your mind is always a serious face(mostly Einstein) and a lab coat. He is the person to change that perception. One cannot imagine a person who loves to make fun, a person who enjoys everything and doesn’t always sit with a bunch of professors but rather enjoys with all class of people. You cannot see a picture of him or a video lecture of him without smiling. The joy of physics brought the smile and how he enjoys the quantum physics is him. He is an intellectual who firmly believes that common man has to understand things and explain everything in terms of a common man. A scientist who totally changed the perception of learning science is my next connect.

Just a return hi from him makes my day, but I don’t want to miss this platinum or better than any other opportunity to say him more than just hi. I would ask him how he tricks everybody and I want to hear the narration of the MIT events through his voice. His voice mail will be there for me. Then I would like to ask him one important question, how he pretended to know everything. This was his famous trick and of course in today’s world a writer is asked to comment on everything and a blogger has to blog about everything and hence his tricks will be surely the million dollar trick to save myself.

Edward D. wood (jr) or Ed Wood:         

Ed wood is widely known as the worst filmmaker ever and also known as the Spielberg of B movies (not Bollywood of course). He was passionate about making movies and his story telling was amazing what let him down is the production constraint and lack of technology at that time. If he got the production he asked for then we would have got another big director. What remained all through his end was his passion for cinema. I didn’t see any difference from his passion to that of other filmmakers like Nolan, J.J. Abrams and so on.

I would have talked about marketing to him. If he got the Facebook id then he would have made all his films a super duper hit. I will share the marketing strategy of Power Star with him and also the strategy of Himesh Bhai with him. Then I would say my interest in revamping some of his movies and making some coherent changes and include a few singles and a theme song and release to make it a big hit based on his cult status. If too many people thrash a movie then it is a big hit today. So share my idea of collaboration with a new film in his style and make use of his cult status to bring out a gem and rewrite the history of Ed Wood. Today we have the biggest excuse called Post modernistic, just altering his movie and make it nonlinear and say it is a post modernistic gem. I would also want to ask him, if he can make a sequel to Plan nine from outer space.

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch):      

Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective, people are not much aware of this name as he is consulting with Scotland Yard and his primary collaborator being Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade and his flat mate Dr. John Watson. Sherlock holmes runs a website Science of deduction and being the fan of the site, I came to know about the art and also his friend and colleague Dr. John Watson is a blogger like me. He shares his experiences of the crime solving which is more intriguing and made me to connect with Sherlock.

                                First thing I ask him is how he faked his death, I want to badly know about it even before the third season’s broadcast. And I would like take lessons in the science of deduction and chat about the mannerism and his blackberry phone(which is outdated and I would suggest him to go for the new one). I will also share my enthusiasm in solving crimes( I have solved a plenty of crimes and brought nearly thousands to justice, spent nearly 19 hours a day in solving criminal case in Facebook of course) and expertising the science of deduction and become a deductionist. WeChat helps in keep me updated and of course it is available in his blackberry phone.

Chanakya (Kautilya):  

Vishnu Gupta by birth, Chanakya by choice, an interesting scholar who knows every nook and corner in the politics and has a flair in the science of management. The writer of Arthasastra is a gem who gave us a golden rule at that time by sacrificing his own personal life. He is a kind of a person one wish to consult before entering into a B school.

                                As I am considering joining MBA and special interest in HR he may be of greater consultant. I would request him to be my consultant virtually through WeChat. I share about how people are using his management techniques and exploiting the wealth of the people, and also how they exploiting his name itself. Also I will consider on modernizing his Arthasatra by including few virtual theories and blogging ethics. Rather than others he can modernize his book better. I would find a publisher to the new book as he cannot do that job by himself. Also through voice chat I would like to record each chapter with his voice that makes easier to sell an elite version of the audio book.

Dr. Sigmund Freud:  

Dr. Sigmund Freud is one of the earliest or the first person to analyze dreams and his dangerous method of Psychoanalysis brought revolution in understanding the human mind. Although many proved to be false today, bringing some initiative is not easy. So he is the person who I wish to connect in WeChat.

First thing I like to share is my gratitude for giving us the way to think. I want to ask him how he was able to connect everything to a single subject in dreams. If I can learn that linking technique I would be much obliged. I would also want to bring Carl Jung into conversation about the dreams and see how he defines his symbols. 

Buck - The Weasel:

Last but not least its Buck - the weasel i want to chat. This weasel from the underworld (really the world below us) who protects the people like us from the Dinosaurs and the only person who dare to defeat the big Rudy. He may be busy hunting the Rudy the white monster but still guides people and help.

I want to ask the rules many questions to Buck but what to do the rule number one is, "Always listen to buck". Even then i ask questions and listen to his Rudy adventures and keep the stories in the voice message. As the path to the world has been closed by the Buck itself the only way i got now to connect with Buck is WeChat and his instructions in a voice message would suffice even to run a rescue mission.

Now that i have connected with them individually and why not bring them in a group to discuss a general principle which may result in a birth of an ingenious idea like these ingenious people's other discovery. Let me put an conversation here. 

Me: Hi, everybody thanks for accepting my request to connect with you in WeChat and answering my questions patiently and helping me to live my dream. I have an idea of bringing out a collaboration of ideas as we have a team of interdisciplinary genius. 

Dr. Freud: My dear Gopal, your term interdisciplinary genius is kinda of distorted as your thoughts. You can see that from the terms you are using to distinguish the genius and interdisciplinary. Just live your dream my dear. I am Old, people like you have to take forward the world and all i can do is open the door. 

Lee: Like Dr. Freud told, they have opened the door. Once the door is opened it is the next to break in without a second thought. Opportunity opens up rarely and the entry pass is simple enough to run through the door. It doesn't matter which door is open, nor how it is open all it matters is how you enter through the door. There is no need to follow a specific or illustrated way to enter, it has to be the combination of all the techniques and the fastest technique to enter matters.

Chanakya: When it comes to the techniques, rather than entering by force it is wise to enter by disguise. One shouldn't wait for the door to open, it has to be opened by you by the art of deception. 

Ed Wood: I think, i can take of the door to open. Consider if the aliens from outer space takes of the door or if the door itself not a door but an alien what it leads it. I think i can bring in Bela Lugosi to perform a dissection of the door with a whole lot of Vampire ingredients. And on considering the vampire factor i think my vampires performed far better than Cullens.

Holmes: By the state of seeing the door being open there is a possibility that there can be a break in already. As everybody wants to grab the opportunity first, there is a possibility that some might have been inside already. On considering the facts about vampire and aliens yes it may be, "When you eliminate the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truth".

Richard Feynman: ha ha ha... I think i need to pull another door trick like the one i pulled in MIT. Anyway i cannot be a suspect here too as i have people who believe it is a Plan from Outer Space (LOL). 

Buck - The Weasel: On seeing the direction of the above conversation I like to say only one thing, "And the buck stops here".

Me: ??????