In one of my previous post I was talking about my fanaticism of Himesh Reshammiya. It was my school days I am not sure which year for sure but it was the time Naam’s release, I watched the movie and hated the Sallu Bhai’s performance but still watched it for the songs(Thanks to the local channels that telecasted the songs more than any Hindi channels). At that time I was not even aware of the music director but it’s the Aashiq Banaya Aapne that made me his fan, to be frank addict and as the more I explore more of his music came as a hit. He started a new revolution in my music which I adored at that stage. More than fanatic if any word I have known I would have used that. I started to sing in nasal tone(of course in bathroom and within the house) and present myself with the signature cap and t-shirt. The worst happened when the song Tera Surrooooooooor released, no other song came from my mouth and I even started listening at various public occasions. It irritated everybody around me and made me subject to troll along with Himesh bhai. I never felt bad or regretted for that nor, I am aware of the inconvenience and irritation caused to the others. The highest of those irritations is with a best friend who used to be a Himesh fan hated him to the core because of me and my fanaticism. Few started listening to him just to troll me they all saw him with hatred. He did nothing wrong only because of me the hatred is turned towards him. His music was usual, I lauded the things as his signature and others trolled it as a Cliché when he made music without his signature I felt something missing.

Years later after moving towards English movies and songs, I understood my childish activities. Now I am able to classify his worst piece from his best piece. Still I believe he makes some good songs in future and he did some good ones though. The reason I have been explaining the above said activities of mine because I am seeing the same with others today. The person who got most affected by this is Mr. Christopher Nolan. I am big fan of Nolan, in fact my first English movie which I watched in English is Prestige. That movie changed my perception towards movies and directed me towards Orson Welles, Fellini and the direction traveling to Alexander sukrov to Kim ki duk to various artists. I am not only talking about fans but also haters. Both are overdoing it and it made me to hate Nolan. You can watch a movie, criticize it with sarcasm, yell at the director, and find loop holes. These things are not only easy but also fun and beyond that we have spent the money to watch it and so we have rights to say about the product. I am not at all against it, even I do the same. The over doing process making me hate Nolan now a days and haters are far more extreme they made me think like Nolan is god but the poor reality is Nolan doesn’t even care about these trolling as we are wasting our holy time is trolling. Trolling for fun is okay but trolling as a profession and full time occupation irritates to the core. Now I am able to understand how it would have felt to the others when I was singing Tera surooooooooor. It’s not a social message to those people to stop it, nor to say that I am above you, I have grown you too grow up. This is just to share that I know what exactly goes on both sides.

This doesn’t make me above all, I am still a fan of someone. As of now I am a big fan of Cumberbatch. But I am sure I can manage not to irritate anyone with my fanaticism. 


  1. When we grow up and look down to things it looks really kiddish and we laugh at ourself. I loved watching shakthiman :)

    1. I am a shakthimaan fan too, appa naan romba chinna payyan... ippa kooda naan chinna payyan thaan...

  2. Sure we were and we will be too. . Is it an offence to be attracted by someone. .? Then add the word love too in the offence list. .
    . .
    I too had a similar story but the awkward joke is i was the one who had caused the troll in past days. .
    Later moving to a different platform and friends i felt i'm still a child in watching movies and feel even more ill when came to see the great of greater artists. .

    P.s : the reasn fr 1st paragraph s 'm stil fanatic 2 illayaraja :-P


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