The above phrase is used in the place of taking a risk. To my situation it gives multiple interpretations as I am a fan multiple interpretations. I am trying to bell the CAT for past few months. The problem I face is called consistency or focus. Whenever I lose focus the distraction comes in the form of fear. Usually I termed movies as my distraction for a large part of my life but now I realized that movies, music and books aren’t the distraction but the ray of hope to get back to the focus. I was in a state when I see no hope, no direction (still no direction) and was stagnant and was in a fear to take a step further. At this juncture I came across a post of my good friend who wrote about Frank Sinatra and the song “My Way”, that was very much of a situation song to me. It gave me hope and it prompted me to take a step even if the direction is unknown. Whatever be the result, it is because of me and me only. Then I read the book “The Fifth Mountain” by Paulo Coelho. This as usual gave me some philosophical insight and prompted to run rather than taking baby steps. At some point I gave up all the preparation and felt like I am a loser and then these chains of incidents came and relieved me from stagnation. Stagnation is a biggest friend to my biggest enemy called Laziness. When both these friends meet each other, it is hard to take away one from the other. The things which I thought as distractions helped me in getting over with my real problems and put be back on track.

இவரும்(BILL GATES) பாதிக்கப்பட்டிருக்கார்
One of the specialties of the song “My Way” is the lyric is so true to every context of mine and I literally start saying the lyrics while talking to various people. I usually use movie lines while talking with one another and now Frank Sinatra cast a spell on me. And in the same post the writer mentioned two terms referring to him, those terms are “Impractical Ideologist” and “Utopian”. The former term is what I heard while I was visiting the relatives or friends (not ideologist but just impractical). This made me amazed that people say something is practical means it has been done before and that is the way most process works, but before the process starts working or established as a standard procedure the same would have been called as impractical. So today’s impractical may be tomorrow’s practical. Another reason for asking to be practical is to let one work within his comfort zone, within one’s comfort zone the process works fine and there won’t be any speed breakers, no steep curves but a straight road. Won’t it be boring to drive in a straight road without any twists, bumps or even an elevation? The only reason they are preferred is the fear of accident, getting hurt. When you know that nothing is going to happen you will be just commuted to a destiny it will be locomotion but not a travel. Isn’t life is travel? Am I missing something?

When we can’t even watch a movie for 3 hours without interesting moments how about surviving rather than living for the rest of the life? I can’t even imagine of that, it looked like a nightmare to me than anything and people say take the safe route to get away from fear. I see a lot of ironies on all the sayings, advises, preaching offered to me (of course for free, not a penny charge). Get a motive to live, choose a destiny, find your goal. Yes these are valid points but how to find these without experimenting? What is the maximum cost I have to pay for it? I tried and analyzed the cost and those costs were nothing when compared to these experiments. The pleasure of experimenting with myself I can get a concrete result that I don’t like this but on the so called safe passage the results are unknown as there won’t be any sort of litmus test (I won’t say no test at all but for sure not a litmus test). So as a part of my conclusion I wish to say, “Yes I don’t know what I am doing, and I don’t know why I am doing but I sure know that I am doing on my own will which makes me feel I am the master and failure and success are the results nothing else”. (shapppaaa….. today’s thathuvam over)

P.S: The writer I mentioned is also a Kolandha like me.

P.P.S: Whatever you say retard is always a retard and cannot be counseled.

P.P.P.S: Hope every reader knows the reason for the title. 


  1. Adhu enna like me nee... nee kolandhanu sonna indha ooru nambuma? BTW good topic and good writting... British karan enbadhai nirubithuvittai..!!!

    1. thanks you ..... and Kolandahyee nambittaaru ooora pathi yenakkenna kavalai...

  2. nice one now go and do all sortsa crazy things like you say in this post

    1. More or less i am doing those now, and hoping to continue ....


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