Happy New Year

I wanted to blog on the New Year ’s Eve itself but the topic that hit my head was as usual a negative topic, so I decided to let it slide and blog a little later and think of something good to start with which has to define the year for me. Sorry for the small first sentence it is an after match effect of writing this post after reading VENMURASU. Let me comeback to the post. I wanted to start this year with a positive note and so broke my resolution recently that I will never make resolutions. Last year was a good, bad and ugly year for me for all possible reasons. It started with a bad note and went ugly for a while and at last it became good. I always liked the happy ending and 2013 gave me a kind of happy ending. Some of the things that made the happy ending was I revamped my Tamil Blog and posted quite a few. I did overcome my procrastination. Some other stuffs which I thought trivial helped me a lot in various processes. I read more books in the year than I read before I ever read so now you might have guessed that exceeding the count will be a commitment and it is quite right. I got some confidence in my decisions and ability after a chain full of events. Even in the miserably failed events I was happy about my decisions.

2014 even before coming came up to me with a streak of questions. Those questions will define me in this year. Answer to those questions intrinsic. So I decided to take those questions and the defining answers as my resolution of 2014. When I have been avoiding the commitment to a course knowingly, why not commit to something. This brought me changes in action in two days, this two day act let me blog about it. Now you may wonder that what the commitments are. My first commitment to the commitments I made is not to reveal unless it is finished.

Now you may also wonder why I am writing about it if I am not going to reveal the commitments I have made. This is to remind me the commitments I have made in public so I need to finish it and not revealing the commitments gives the flexibility in working towards it. Still I don’t want to fool the readers by giving nothing. So I hereby give you some of my commitments, the first being the blogging.
  • This year I wish to blog coherently and stay honest to my title of the blog.
  • Second is to make a series of Posts on Entering a B-School in my style.
  • Third is to spend more time with books and in short a book and a movie a week not beyond that.
  • Fourth is the most important of all commitment is to stop playing with catfish.

These are the four commitments I wish to convey to my readers who are mostly from US and A and few from India. So hereby I wish a very Happy New Year.


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