UpStream Colour - Beauty of Science

I promised my friend Ravi that I would write my view on the movie UpStream Colour two weeks before and so I am writing it. I had to thank him for making write this review although I tried for a very long time to write something about the movie.

Before I go into the movie I want to say few about the director of the film. This film “UpStream Colour” is written, directed, produced, edited, sound designed, distributed and cinematographed by Shane Carruth who is the leading actor of the movie. Now you may remember a Tamil Veteran called T. Rajendar for the same reasons but he is from a different league you know, no one can be compared to our T.R. so let us come back to the Shane Carruth. The movie UpStream Colour is his second feature film, first one being PRIMER. This movie came nine years after the first movie.  Now he has a reputation which is hard for any new comers. The Primer is the prime reason for me to watch this movie. So without talking about Primer we cannot talk about this movie or about Shane Carruth.

Any movie buff must have heard about the Interstellar project initially when it was in the hands of Steven Spielberg. He told that he wanted to make a scientifically correct film. He was dissatisfied by the Pseudo science films that he wanted to make one science film that projects science as science. This was around 2006 I assume, but the movie Primer released at 2004. This is by far the most scientifically realistic movie I ever watched and most convoluted movie too. This movie made Memento as crystal clear movie. It took me a hell lot of time to figure out what is in the movie and beyond to figure how he did it. The latter still has no answer. After this the movie maker comes with a movie and what you expect?

One of my friends usually says that judge a director by his second movie, for the first movie he might have worked for years but the second movie really tells him what he is. I had this in my mind but beyond that I had faith in this filmmaker. I was sure that this movie will not be like a normal movie but still the theme was said as love that made me feel a bit cynical. But that too went away when I finally watched the movie.
His first movie was hard to follow at the first watch and it was more dialogue oriented. This movie is a visual treat, you will get the story of the movie in the first watch. But it is a Shane Carruth movie so you need to rewatch and you will discover treasure for sure. This movie is more simplistic and minimalistic in dialogues. He visually tells the story and I never thought someone who made a conversation movie can make entirely different genre movie. The beauty of the movie is that we don’t see Shane Carruth but only the movie and the characters not the person which is totally opposite in many cases of our artiste. We see the artiste not the characters, the artiste trying hard to project their own projection and imbibing into the movie so that we are forced to see the star and the actor not the character.

Now even after reading as much as 500 and so on words you might wonder when I am going to talk about the story of the movie. Yes, let us see what the story is, it is simple first the leading lady Kris(Amy Seimetz) is drugged, kidnapped and the thief exploits her by taking control of her mind. When she awakes she sees a large number of worms in her skin and then later a person (sampler) transforms the worm from her to a pig, later she falls in love with Jeff played by Shane Carruth on an accidental meet. They both later discover that they had experienced similar things and what connects them beyond the human feeling forms the rest of the movie. Technically the movie is sound, especially with sounds. It’s one man show all the way but you will not be seeing that single man trying to prove something but a beautiful experience that lingers on your mind and heart. A must watch is not a word just to say as it has become usual. If you watch it you will experience it. 

I may not have written a proper review or view about the movie but all I want to say is watch this movie. Very rarely you can see a movie maker who knows science and arts.

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P.S.S : Please do read this to know more about Shane Carruth. 


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