Pizza Corner Party

Last Saturday I was invited to a party hosted and sponsored by Pizza corner in Virugambakkam outlet. I was first not much interested out of laziness but later my beloved friend Bragadesh pinged and tagged me and hence I went for the meet. If I stayed in home, I would have missed an awful lot of fun. When I reached I had no idea of what it is going to be, I have no idea about the agenda of the party.

The agenda of the party is explained by our Host of the party Deepa pillai and the Area Manager of the Pizza corner outlet. It was simple the great cooks will help us know the process of making a pizza and then let us make pizza. Ya you are absolutely right after we made the pizza we can(have to) eat it. so we were a bit worried about the last factor. Still I had the courage to face anything and we went inside the kitchen of any pizza outlet for the first time. The cook was explaining with patience and we able to get the facts easily.

Our Pizza straight from the Heat Chamber

And then we were set to make our first pizza. I along with my friends Ram thilak, Karthik, Harikrishna and Subramaniam got ready for the quest because we have to eat it at last. So we did as instructed and adding the toppings with our own interest. To be frank we were experimenting like anything on the toppings. So then everything was set and then the pizza was ready to enter the chamber of cooking inside the big heating Chamber which was at 450 degree Fahrenheit. The time for the cook is five and a half minute. And while waiting we were also asking about the kind of sauce and the process of making the dough.
An example of my focus on Eating

We knew that the pizza itself contains a lot of mixtures and we knew the proportionate of the ingredients. And the Area manager was kind enough to explain the process and the Supply Chain process of their outlet. Pizza corner seems have a very good logistic sense it seems. As a management aspirant I was more interested in the management aspects of the retailing and he was generous to answer my silly questions while the pizza was travelling the Conveyor belt whose cycle time is five and a half minutes as I told before.

While the chit chat was finished the pizza came out from the heating chamber. Luckily the pizza tasted great and unluckily I got only one slice of the awesome pizza I made. But still I am happy that all of my friends who tasted it lauded us for the efforts. That was the best pizza I tasted as the obvious reason was that it was made by me.

At last a Group picture with the Host at Pizza Corner Virugambakkam

I once again have to thank Deepa Pillay and Pizza corner for hosting and sponsoring the party. It was really great spending the day with all the people. 

P.S: Thanks to my dear friends Karthik Pasupathy and Brags for the Photo courtesy.


  1. Semma fun it was. Had a really nice time! :)

  2. lucky you... hope such trends come in mumbai too... :-)


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