The Next Level

So the life of a blogger who wasted a year just by facebooking and browsing or staring at the Laptop screen comes to an end. The one year punchline of telling people that, I am going to Masters in Management has become reality. Yes, I have joined as a student in Thigarajar school of management, Madurai. I Wholeheartedly thank my dear Chennai for giving me wonderful experiences to cherish forever. I have been procrastinating for a very long period and all these times few thoughts that were lingering in my mind. One of the thoughts is that will I ever able to bounce back? Am I really what I think of myself or it is yer another projection of myself in my mind?

This thoughts and few other thoughts which cannot be explained in words lead to the ultimate question, which probably every student will be asking themselves, “What am I doing?”. This might not be a good thing or might be a great thing, but it all depends on how I react to the situation. So the result is solely based on my actions rather than my thought process(which is nothing but the parody of myself) but my actions haven’t improved a bit. This is the reason why I wanted to do a management course which can teach me how to actually react to the situation rather than just developing hypothesis for every possible situation. From now on I may not blog regularly (like I ever did). I am hoping that this will be a new beginning of this procrastinating blogger who helped to kill your time and gave you some fun once. Wish me luck.


  1. With no word wrap, I just see two lines...
    And, keep blogging... :)

  2. yes, i didn't notice that bro, will change it


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