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After a long gap I am writing my blog from a place where I started my education, my native, the place which made me to think about movies. Yes I am in Madurai. I have started my life as a student once again in Madurai. I never thought I would be part of this institution, nor I had this in my priority list. There is a saying that people won’t understand the value of a product which is easily accessible and this is one good example for that. I joined this institution for a good reason but it turned out to be a great choice made by me in the recent past. This is a decision I will never regret in my life. Let me finish bragging about my choice and my institution here and let us go back to the point which I wanted to write about.

After entering the college and spending three meaningful weeks I am able to understand the fact that I am not a zero. Rather my score is going in negative. I am deliberately trying to make a positive score and then to make it a pass mark which is like turning the mountain upside down. But still I want to try that. due to extended work I am unable to blog as I did before(Like I did before??). So in the few minutes I get to see my blog. Yes blogs cannot be accessed here as a part of browsing restriction along with the social media. But that’s not a big matter as there won’t much time to blog when one has time to read things. But still I want to keep my blogging and my blog afloat so I will be updating my blog at least once in a month in some topics which might be a case study to me or a rejected assignment.  Yes, this is the place to submit the rejected assignments and accessories as artefacts to show that how stupid I am, in the near future.

This post is basically that I will write posts rarely and that too on management subjects. This may or may not be like my previous posts but still I try to maintain my style in that. 


  1. Hi Gopal,

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