Barbeque Bistrro - Restaurant Review

Last sunday I visited the Barbeque Bistrro restaurant in Madurai. I would like to share my experiences about the visit. I would like to classify my views on the basis of Products, Place and Price.I actually found this place on surfing through Restaurants in Madurai.

The food menu there is unlimited buffet served for Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian. I didn't actually reserved for the day and they were kind enough to offer me a seat for the day. I went along with two other friends to the restaurant. For all the three of us this was our first visit to the restaurant. I took the veg course while my friends took the non veg course. For the started they served me Pineapple masala grill. I liked the masala mix spread over the Pineapple it was named BBQ pineapple, along with it they served the Methi malai paneer, Shabnam ki mothi. Another delicious item I enjoyed the most was the Beetroot steak with Peanut sauce. I ate starters like it was the main course. The top of it was the Cajun Spicy Potato. Even while writing this review nearly 14 hours later still the taste of it lies in the tounge and I am really drooling over it. Similarly for the Non veg starters they served Punjabi Tagdi, Peri Peri chicken, Chilly garlic which my friends liked to a greater extent along with the chicken and Jhing Nisha along with the Mutton Methi Seekh. We all burped at the end of the starters itself. Still had a soup to get ourselves ready for the main course.

Veg main course consists of Kadai Paneer, Cauliflower Manchurian, Malai Kofta, Veg Sabji Meloni, Mushroom Mutter Masala, Achari Baingan, Dal Butter Fry, Mint Onion Pulao, Steamed Rice. Of the given items I immensely liked the Kadai Paneer and Malai Kofta. I took the Mint Onion Pulao as my daily meal consists of steamed rice and dal so for a change I went for it. Veg Sabji was awesome. On the request they provided us butter naan, Mushroom Mutter Masala and Achari Baingan served as a perfect side dish for the butter naan. I mildly felt that the Butter naan could have been better. Still no complaints with the side dishes. In the non-veg section the menu consists of Butter Chicken Masala, Fish n Pepper Sauce, Egg Vindalo, Banjara Mutton Ghost, Chicken Biryani. My friends liked the Chicken Biryani and the Egg Vindalo the most of all the items.

After all this we took our time to have some good desserts. The desserts menu contained Strawberry Swiss Roll, Mango Scouffle, Rice Kheer, Orange Pastry, Gulab Jamun, Vanilla Ice Cream, Pudding and Cut fruits of Water Melon and Papaya. We all felt that the desserts menu had not that much variety to satisfy the course. The ice cream was only one flavor if at least we had two or more flavors that would've sufficed. We kind of felt that the desserts didn't do justice to the way the starters and the main course did. It had actually exceeded our expectations.

More than anything the ambiance of the restaurant was flabbergasting. To me particularly more than the food it is the ambiance that I matter the most. I was totally satisfied with the way they maintain the place and the service they provide is top notch. To add a cherry in the topping is the music performance by Saranya Blissic. I requested my friend's favorite Hotel California and dedicate the same to him. And also she performed a Led Zeppeling song for us. How often do you have a chance to listen to a Led Zeppelin in Madurai ?? This itself worth the money spent for the restaurant on the whole.

The Veg buffet was priced 550 INR + taxes and the Non-Veg buffet was priced 650 INR + taxes. Although there were few shortcomings in the variety and the taste only at few items I find it worth the money. It is rare to see a restaurant providing a great ambiance, great music and wonderful food at Madurai at this rate. I would suggest you it for a perfect night (You know what I mean).

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  1. nice to see you turn into a food blooger/restaturant more

    1. Yes, Exploring my hands on everything possible.


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