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In this post I am going to write about my cousin whom I can proudly say as a #sSuperDad. Today the kids are well advanced and their thinking process is growing exponentially. At the time when we are talking about marketing a product through blogs they’ve given their verdict there already. Kids these days seems have born with the ability to play with the smartphones and iPads at the young age. It is still tough for my parents to understand the technology whereas my nephew uses it with flair. This gives also a high chance to expose them to the world of internet. Internet is the world with abundant opportunities but it is the same world that possess a lot of threats. If you know what you are searching and if you are focus in terms of your activities in the web arena then you can achieve a lot. It is a double edged sword and hence far too dangerous for the kids to access.
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In today’s world it has become impossible to restrict the access to the internet for the younger generation but as a responsible parent one has to keep tabs on the activity of the kid. The majot\r threats to the kids are the smartphones and tablets. They are accessing anything and everything through that. with the help of the eKavach app one can control the sites a kid is visiting and also the sies to be visited can be controlled. My cousin uses this app for his nexus tablet. My nephew who downloads all the new games from the playstore and browses a lot in his tablet. Restricting him by not giving an opportunity to use the technology increases the anger of the kid and it creates an aversion towards his father but rather he gave with the parental control app. This prevented him from accessing unwanted websites and also he knows the activities of the kid. At the end of the day the kid is happy on getting access to the smartest toy and father is happy that the kid is happy and above all that the kid is safe in the online arena. You cannot restrict this generation kids by the denial of opportunity which is worse but rather provide an opportunity with constant surveillance. Of course the surveillance has to be in a subtle manner.