Real joy of togetherness

Today in the era of digital revolution we firmly thinking that to be together is all about tagging our friends and relatives in our Facebook status and twitter handles. We are so much dependent on the social media and the digital era that we need either google or Facebook to let us know that it is the birthday of our loved ones. We have become so much dependent on the sites that if we don’t wish them in there that makes us non existent or a non wisher. This is really sad state as we forget a rather important thing in life that might be blossoming if the digital media is not present, that factor is called happiness.

Sharing happiness is being together with the loved ones. Cousins are the people whom we love the most and they are the people who love us the most. I wish to share few important points about cousins, in the age of innocence it is the cousins who brought us the joy in playing. They are the people who taught us what friendship is for the first ever time. They are the people with whom we shared all our secrets for the first time. Cousins are the friends given as a default setting to us for the Operating system called life by the developer called GOD.

To tell the story of real togetherness it is very evident that the nature knows the meaning of it. To bring in real togetherness in the life of every individual all we have to do is to wish for it. The nature will take care of our wishes and helps in attaining the same. I wish to share the story of real togetherness I experienced. It was during the time when I completed my state board exams and was waiting for the results that might have been terribly bad and saved my life from engineering or decent enough to push me in to world’s worst nightmare called the bachelor of engineering. I was always a bag end like Bilbo Baggins who wish to stay at home at the end of the day. But I was in my cousin’s house at that crucial time and as expected the result was decent enough to push me into a deep pit or a quicksand called engineering. Still many of the people around are not satisfied of joining a mediocre pit but rather a bit higher marks might have a fetched a chance to the people around me push me in to a really deep pit. Of course I was glad that there were my cousins who consoled me at the very crucial time, not for the marks I obtained but for the fate I am going to face in the name of engineering. All they gave was a simple advice which brought all of us together.
Basically I was a distant cousin to all of them and had not much of a chance to get to know them. I still feel it to be one of the worst thing of my childhood but then my cousins told move away my dear, you have a chance to flyaway then why not? Come here to fly we are there to back you. Those are the words which brought all of us together. If I have scored good marks I might have had the leverage to get a good college in my hometown itself, but rather the nature brought me in a place where I can stay with my cousins. They are my cousins who are there for me. They are as much as existent to me in the social media but they are the real people who taught me the life as it is. I have to thank the nature for the same to be happened.  To check more of the togetherness do check the site of kissan