A Gift to cherish in Style

The love within the best friends is so much cute at the same time they are never expressed. They both and the rest of the world know the fact that they are in love but they never express. I happen to be one of the unluckiest guys to get trapped in between those. Two of my besties are madly in love with each other but never planning to reveal in the near future. So on one fine day I asked by friend Rishi that when is he planning to propose and he replied that he is planning to propose on November 4th as it was the day they both met for the first time and it was also the birthday of her favorite genius Shakunthala Devi. I was happy that he is finally going to reveal but then came the biggest burden that I had to help him select the gift for her.

You might have guessed how dumb he must be to ask help in something in which I am not even a novice. We had only a week or so left for the event. Just on thinking about it, I received a call from Sahana. She said she wanted to speak something and turns out she also plans to propose him on the same day, her reasons were that it was the birthday of his favorite director Ritwik Ghatak and favorite actor Mathew McConaughey. She also gave the burden of choosing the gift to me. The worst part is I need to keep it secret from each other.

So I made a plan of presenting a ring for each other. At that instant, it was Stylori which came as a saviour. The variety of rings was awesome, to find a matching ring it took me a while to figure out. Then the real problem finding the ring size for each other came to my mind and thankfully stylori had figured the solution for the surprises already. They had the find your ring size facility which helped me figuring out the size of the ring. Then at last I figured out these two were match for each other, not only the couples but also the rings in their own context.

 After getting support from the shop both the rings were delivered on time. I have to give it to each of them without other knowing about it. I had to say that this was my piece of performance for Oscar. I had to pretend that I have no clue of the plan of the other party but I am the planning authority. Of course I did my best and they also wanted the other to believe that it was their choice. This plan went on well. The proposal was subtle and they both liked the gift and they felt that the gift was more personal and for sure none might have chosen so.

I felt happy and relieved that they got engaged finally. Beyond that I felt great that they liked the gift. 

This post was wrote in association with "Chennai Bloggers Club" for the brand "Stylori".