Made of great values

There is always a time in life where we have doubts on our very existence. Entering college was one such moment I had faced the situation. My scores were not that attractive to place me into some IIT or NIT. I had to rely on the single window counselling where the state has to choose your fate and your predecessor will choose your success. Somehow I landed in a college with no hope, paid the fees and came to the conclusion on the first visit to the institution that I am in the perfectly wrong place. It was the first day when all the students were asked to give a self-introduction and I met the guy who spoke perfect English. More than his English it was his content that was totally impressive to me.

Gokul had missed some great colleges by few marks’ cutoff. He didn’t seem to be worried. In his introduction all he said was he was so and so, he liked physics and wanted to do Mechanical engineering so that he can get a chance in the applications of physics. It might look simple but it was refreshing when monotonously everybody was reciting their marks and the same goal of getting a good job. That made me to start interacting with him. As usual my topic diverted to movies without which I can’t even survive. As a self-boasting prick I boasted about my knowledge on movies and he replied with his choices of movies which turned out to be my favorites. During our further conversations I learnt that he knew awful lot of things in everything. His knowledge bank included movies, science, music, books and anything and everything on earth. I was flabbergasted on getting exposed to his knowledge. I started admiring his knowledge and respected the same. He became a good friend of mine to say the least.

He became an inspiration to me. His presence made me to think differently. It was only after that I came across the term perception. His approach to everything was different from others. I always had the question in my mind that how can a person be so much interested in so many things. Then on one fine day I asked him, what is the thing which drives him to learn so many things. His bandwidth was so large that it was impossible for a mere mortal to understand his driving force. The inspiration for him turned out to be a physicist named Richard P Feynman. Just like the scientist he admired, he was basically a scientist, a person who looked at things in a language called mathematics. But his language was not restricted to Math where the world could be explained in numbers. He knew the other language of art appreciation as well. His aesthetic sense was so contagious that any person, who hangs along with him, will get the aesthetic sense and the importance of intellectual stimuli.

Being with a prodigy was a great thing to admire but if it doesn’t change your life you have nothing to boast really. In that aspect I feel proud that his thoughts and reasons were not only restricted to him and he was more than happy to share his thoughts to a novice. He was a person who felt that knowledge has to be transferred so that there will always be a way to acquire new knowledge. It is the only thing that keeps a person striving in life. Few things I understood and that got imbibed in my heart are that science and mathematics are languages to understand the existence of the world. We are not learning to get a job and earn. Our life has a greater purpose. The purpose of life cannot be sorted out in a day or two. It takes a lot of time and till then one should never stay idle and explore whatever one wishes to. Nature has a way of explaining things and when the time is correct, when Mother Nature feels that you can understand her existence she will explain it to you by any means.

After our under-graduation he is continuing his passion by doing M.S in Aerospace Engineering. In the same way I am into my passion of pursuing management studies. The whole credit of finding my passion about marketing and bringing in all the factors which I am good at goes solely to him. Just because of him I pushed my limit to explore things and had found my passion in marketing. This in no way made me to discriminate other fields of study. I still learn science, am artsy about various things and have in a fairly good amount, increased my database of quality movies. Even today when I have an issue, he is the first person whom I call and he is a continuous support and inspiration for me. I have never come across such a person even in fictional texts.

To me his acquaintance made me understand the purpose of engineering, life and hobbies in life. More than that, it was the importance, meaning and purpose of people in life. Really feel that he is a made for great person. On this occasion I thank the Indiblogger and Tata motors to give me an opportunity to write for the contest by which I got a chance to review my past and savour the good times. 


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  6. The story of a Legend in himself – that’s how I will describe it in a short sentence. Very well written with words which enhance the simplicity yet greatness of the person. Salutations and very happy for you to have got inspired and bringing out your best in life.

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  7. Good luck for the contest in the first place.. :) Hardly a person considers his/her school or college friend to be a source of admiration.. Days will come when both of u will be proud of what each other as done.. :) Good post!


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