The Secret - Power of subconscious mind

I was suggested by a huge chunk of my friends to read this book. Some felt that this book changed their life. A virtual friend of mine treated it as his “precious”. These hype generated around me, made me to read the book. Otherwise I am pretty averse to the self-help books. Thus, my journey to read the book started. When read the book few months ago, I felt something  was missing and I never thought of writing about the book. One fine day a friend of mine shared a quote from the book that kindled my thought process back to write something on the book. Hence this particular blog post.

I wanted to start the year’s blog journey with a usual customary post of thanking the previous year, expectations from this year and how the year started of good. I felt that if I started the blog with a positive post, then most of the posts that follow would be positive. When I was thinking on this line the book and the other appearances of the book flashed in my mind. So I started with positivity writing about the positivity. 
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
To all my friends who think reading a book is gruesome, I would like to summarize the book in few lines. The author says that if you think positive then all will happen positively. The author talks about the law of attraction. According to it, if you attract the thoughts it becomes the reality. To implement that kind of positivity you should do three activities, namely: - Ask, Believe and Receive. Ask is about attaining the desired state, then believe is having a firm belief that the desired state can be achieved and receive is the most crucial part where you need to receive the thoughts of nature that it can be achieved.

Apart from this she asks to be grateful for what you have now. This characteristic helps in appreciating the things you have and so it will bring more of what you desire. Also visualize your thoughts. Today data analytics might be on boom, but without Data visualization the results will not be that much powerful. Visualizing helps you in shifting your belief from “What might happen” to “what will happen”. Till this, I had not much of an issue but when the book turned towards attaining money, health and relationship, I felt it was a bit cumbersome and repetitive. She explains that placebo effect is an example of law of attraction. One of the important things she conveys is that if you strongly resist certain things you are actually paying it more attention and so you are attracting it more than ever. This makes the thing to happen. 

So I actually practiced it for a good length of time even before I read this particular book and the methods suggested. The explanation and the terminology used in the book were quite different but the gist was the same, viz. “Think positive so that it happens”. It is the power of the subconscious that helps in not only achieving what we desire but also creating and crafting the future. I found it a bit hard to finish as the points mentioned seemed to repetitive. But then later, I understood that, in order to make the readers understand reinforcement theory, she had to be repetitive. One contradictory opinion I have against the book is that the author says to ignore the negative aspects. But if you ignore the presence of something then you cannot actually work greater towards the positivity. The stage of confrontation and thinking beyond is missing, having said that the author suggests that you can create your own universe by your thoughts.

What I wish to conclude by this post is that I tried to alter my thought process and it actually paid off. Brimming with hope and positivity you can easily achieve the things you want. But one thing I learnt from that is your desire has to be burning and you should think that you can get it anyhow. As Paulo Coelho says, “if you work for what you desire the whole world will come to your support”. And I too have many optimistic thoughts and goals for the year. 


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