Between Now and Forever - Book Review

Today I am going to post my short review of the Novel Between Now and Forever written by Meera Shivasankar. The book is published by Notionpress and is available at Amazon
Between Now and Forever - Book Cover

This novel is in the Romantic which as many of you know is my less explored genre. Despite that reading this book had one major factor which is the author. As I have read her blogs for a while and I had faith that the book will of the greater quality. As expected the book turned out to be a good read.
I got the book a week ago but was saving the book for to read during the travel. I started off the book when the train journey started. The book had an awesome pace that I completed the book so fast and it stands the record of my fastest completed book in a single sitting. But more than that the greatness of the book is what it made me think for my rest of the journey.

The book starts off with the character Abhimanyu committing a grave mistake, and his journey to redemption. The journey to redemption is always heavy and not so easy to travel. So writing a story on that line will either be heavy hearted or slow, this book had the emotions perfectly and at the end giving a feel good emotion. Along with that the language was simple enough for the novice like me to understand and the pace is rapid.

Another reason I refrain from some of the best selling romantic novels are the lack of character development. In this book it was done well, we can relate to the characters so well and obviously the author makes us to feel for the characters. Success of the book in my opinion is how much the reader able to relate to the emotions and the characters and in that way the author had definitely succeeded in her effort. Kudos to the author, first thing I have done after reading is gifted my copy to a dear friend. 


  1. Hi GK,

    Put the Amazon link where the book can be bought!

    Plus yaendha friend ku kuduthael :)

    Nalladhey nadakattum :)


  2. Yes bro, Updated. Kandippa girlfriend ku illa....


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