How to raise a smart ass - Book review

How to raise a smart ass is book by Lucia Walinchus. Let us see the description of the book and the author's note to go before the review.

Book Description:How to Raise a Smart Ass is a funny, witty, rollicking ride through the joys of early parenthood. The so-titled “Best Butt Wiper in the World” delights audiences by recounting tales of ninja nurses, naughty knights, and super-duper poopers. Whether you’re a proud parent or you aspire to populate the world with tiny terrors of your own someday, this book will have you laughing out loud, or at a minimum buying lots of sanitizer. Kids are messy.Buy the print book:  Amazon ~ BlurbBuy the eBook: Amazon  ~  Barnes & Noble  ~ iBooks ~ ​                          Kobo ~ Google Play

Author's Bio:Lucia Walinchus is an award-winning journalist, author and ice hockey addict. She has written more than 500 articles for various publications throughout her career and was recently named to the 2016 Fulbright Berlin Capital Program. She has been featured as a guest speaker on CNN and is a contracted freelancer for the New York Times. Walinchus currently lives in Oklahoma because she enjoys wide, flat golf courses that make her think she isn’t actually that bad.

​Upcoming event:  Lucia Walinchus will be a the Enid, Oklahoma Public Library at 11AM on Saturday, November 12th.Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter

Being a fan of non fiction, I wanted to read this book although the parenting is not much in the near future in my life. But then, that is a part of a life everyone would love to go through. The description intrigued me to go through the book. And i am really really happy that I read the book. This book is a honest, candid and readworthy book on the art and science of parenting. So let me say in what ways this book stands out from the rest of the herd. The author had explained the parenting in a humourous way. Most of the books have given utmost attention to parenting and give it a serious business look. If you are not going to enjoy the time with your kid then what is whole point of parenting. 

Is it a book on parenting? might not be but definitely a worthy adventure for a parent to read and have a great time. If you are a parent already then you might get the me too nostalgic feeling. Her memoirs are straight from the heart and so it can be easily relateable to any parent. This is a joy ride for the parents and gonna be parents. But apart from that it will be great read for a wanna be parents too. They might understand the beauty of parenting from the point of view of a mother.