Adieu 2016

Bidding Adieu to the year 2016 is not an easy job to be. I usually restrain from writing a year-end note, but this year has given me so much and taken even more from me. So I would like to share a few of them in this post. I felt it is the right way to bid adieus to 2016. Being a fan of Jaljeera and Khatta Meeta foods, 2016 served me exactly what I like the most.

The year started with the bad news of the demise of Alan Rickman and on the same day, I received my offer letter to the desired position. While hearing both the news back to back I was in Bessy beach with one of my good friends. It foreshadowed very well how the year will be. That day I had a great fun with him, Happiness is savoured well when it is shared with others.

As the campus life coming to an end, I needed a milestone memory to cherish and thanks to one person I hate a lot for a lot of reason who pushed me to perform my final stint of Case Presentation with my two besties in college. The three musketeers enjoyed their presentation. It was fun formally for one last time. I miss those stages, my over enthusiastic talks and the lecturer signalling that, I am taking a hell lot of extra time. TSM said a proper goodbye just exactly like the way it welcomed me.

Yes, In just a week I shifted to Karur. I never ever had a thought in my mind about this place for my future work. Luckily I got a chance to explore this place and fell in love with Karur Garam on the first sight. Garam is one of the significant, low cost, fantastic street food exclusive to Karur. To make me stay in a place all it needed was good food. Great people of Mallow Technologies made me realise that the bigger dreams start from humble beginnings. This chapter in my life also opened up various doors to me. Some of the treasures behind the doors will be revealed in upcoming years.

Seeing the wedding of the best friend is one great thing. Especially if it’s a triumph over a big struggle then obviously it needs a celebration. Attended a couple of wedding of that sorts which defined the determination, dedication and love the couples had for each other. Attending those wedding was to honour and pray for their good life from the bottom of my heart. These kinds of triumphs need support and accolades they deserve.

Although the majority of the above-mentioned incidents are primarily focussed on me, the greatness of events never depends on one person. So, in the same way, the year was made unique by strangers, friends and acquaintance. A lot of strangers turned into friends, friends into acquaintances and acquaintances into friends. Some renewal of the long lost friendship and many heartbroken goodbyes made this year a tough one to ignore.

A huge conversation on the Game of Thrones, how the other person is obsessed, A conference call with three great souls, detailed conversation on the resume building, how the pattern works, how the mind of the people works, 12 o clock news, the culture, Philosophy and being old school in many aspects of life and above all what to cook and how to cook. Meeting a longtime friend, receiving a great book as a gift (Five people you meet in heaven) Learnt a lot of dishes from discussed it with many others too. The ultimatum of the seeing someone inspired from my mediocrity and presenting an excellent result happened this year. I have mentioned these conversations as each of these are exclusively happened and they can remember that conversation well too.

All I would like to say is thank you for the sinusoidal curve travel and I am pretty much happy to be an outlier along the lines of + or  - 3 σ rather than the point along the median line. Thanks for teaching me to be that.