AMMA - Book review

I planned to post this review last month but my procrastination took away the work and the review was safe in the draft for more than month. But I never expected that she would be no more when I post this review.

Rather than writing an eulogy, I dedicate this review to the eternally charismatic Leader.

AMMA - Jayalalithaa’s journey from Movie star to Political queen is a must read book. Today majority of the first time voters have seen her as a charismatic leader and a brave woman. But many might not had a chance to know her past and her transformation. Being hailed from the film fraternity it is tough to get into serious business of politics as a female.

In the male chauvinistic society she stood all alone and fought her battle without any support. Throughout her journey it was all backstabbing and there was a time she had not even a single soul to rely on. You might not totally like her after reading this book but for sure you will be able to appreciate her struggle, understand her situation and what was she the whole time. This book serves as a medium to see the human behind the iron curtain.

Never giveup, never surrender is a motive to hold. She never gave up, her struggle to take back the position lost by MGR and gaining the popularity and keeping the opposition at bay is not a joke. Especially standing against a seasoned politician like M. Karunanidhi is a herculean task.

She pulled a phoenix act too many times, it was always a comeback./Really hoped that she pulls a Lazarus once and for all/ Her journey into movies was forced, So was her entry into the politics. But whatever career she was into she made a mark and that is seen clearly.

Once an image is created it is tough to change the same. You can tarnish the image easily but sustaining the image or repositioning yourself is not at all a simple task. As an actress she had to do a lot to bring this image. From the much praised actress to mother of all is her biggest achievement. A Party which is known only for the leader’s charisma without heir was taken control from destruction and built to the same level is an act to show what she can do.

She is an inspiration to all the women that what a single women can do. You might hate or like her, but read this book to know her a bit. What was her struggle and how she became of what she is.

P.S: This post might look a bit biased towards the personality. Once you read the book you will understand the point. The book particularly sheds some light on the other side of J Jayalalithaa and her transition.

P.P.S : When editing the draft, there was lumps in throat and unable to control the tears coming down from my eyes. It was indeed her success. Those honest tears from millions of people, who hate or like her is the only ones that made her AMMA.