Love - Deal with it - 2/2

The first part of this conversation series happens between Karthik and Indira. You can read it in Shri Abirami's blog. This blog you can read the conversation between Senthil and Sindhu.

Senthil and Sindhu:

Sindhu and Senthil shared the opposite seats. Once the film was over they were the only two to have waited until end credits. While Senthil was engrossed applauding in standing ovation, Sindhu was rather lost in her own thoughts watching the screen go blank.

Senthil: Excuse me ma’am. You missed your purse, please check if everything is safe.
Sindhu: Oh, Thank you. You saved me a walk.

Senthil: No Problem ma’am. But if I may ask, you do look confused. Was it the movie? All safe?
Sindhu: Ignoring his concerns, “Not exactly, I don’t deny the fact that the movie is well made. But I do have issues with the director’s stand”

Senthil: oh good. Well? Even the climax didn’t move you?
Sindhu: Precisely! Eh … It made me upset.
Senthil: Why so ? Isn’t it awesome that the guy gets to meet her after a long time? His love is back in his life, Shouldn’t it be a moment of happiness?
Sindhu: See, that’s where I differ. Now the problem here is she has a life, yet she enters into his life and is destroying his future. It gives a false hope.

Senthil: Why do you think it’s giving a false hope? Love is not just about love, it’s about being there for a person who completes us .. could have completed us. As a solace when the person needs one. Have you ever …. ?. Rather than abandoning the person, be a promising friend. You get some peace knowing that you are able to see the person happy, and they are at peace seeing you happy. Isn’t that bliss?
Sindhu: Ha ha… I know people who have been through this. I strongly felt that she should have left him alone. By meeting him again, more so her marriage isn’t fair.

Senthil: But I feel that’s fairer than an average person thinks. Love is not just about intimacy and love but it also about the bond called friendship. Infact, friendship takes a bigger place. So what if they can’t get married?. If they didn’t fall in love just to get married, but for who the person is, I think it is a longer road. Their happiness is in the right place. It does not rely on the operational success of their love. In fact their love succeeds everyday, through this pristine friendship. They know each other’s limits. Love travels beyond intimacy. Love could travel longer than their lives.
Sindhu: This looks fine in talks, but in reality there will be a lot of issues. Some great thoughts are good on paper and silver screen, but not in reality.

Senthil: Thinks deep with a smile and, “Well, cinema is more about life as good as the other way round. Every revolution starts with an idea injected in mind. This is not even a revolution, this is just understanding of the emotions and not curtailing it just so we tread the beaten path. It is upto the people involved, to feel miserable and weak and vulnerable at the thought of the other person, or pick it up as their strength. It’s all in us.”

Sindhu: Rushing to finish her point, Sindhu blurted. But rather staying away makes the person forget you and they can live their life peacefully.
Senthil: Maybe it is. For all is fair in war and love. He can’t and won’t forget his love no matter what. It’s impossible. With the other approach, he might have not only lost his love but also a very good friend. Any struggle can be diluted with a friend, if losing a friend is the struggle then it would be tragic.

As they boarded the bus, Senthil signalled her to take the seat close to the stairway. He got the tickets and took the seat behind her. She stood up and took the empty spot next to him in his seat and continued.
Sindhu: So you are saying that ex lovers can be friends? Isn’t there the risk of a relapse?
Senthil: Smiling at the shift, “Love could be a drug but it is definitely the medicine as well. Don’t we see people fighting to forget one love, only to find the next? Even more so, neither of the two is going through a rehab to avoid that; rather they are trying to change their own approach. He/she had a good friend and they want to remain friends forever. Just imagine yourself in the shoes of a girl who can’t marry a guy and leaves him for good. He loses his mind. Instead, try being a friend and you will definitely see the difference.
Sindhu: Might be right, but what if the partner feels a bit different.
Senthil: Again, trust your friendship. Make them understand. Give them a break. Maybe they understand. Maybe they don’t. Draw the line so as to not bother their life. If they can’t, they will take the call. You need to understand yourself first. If you know this, your partner will understand that too.
Sindhu: Wow. That is so calming. Fisting his left arm, “You won!, buddy.” My life is pretty much an example of walking out of my love’s life and bereaving their presence and the difference it would have made. I am proud of guys like you and Karthik. I agree it is a matter of the mind. Misery or merry, it is always our choice in life. You only live once. What is life if you can’t conquer yourself? Who we are is what we choose.
Senthil: I know right? Smiles. When I saw them all in my marriage, I can’t begin to explain that feel. No language has a word to describe it. In that moment, I was there. They were there. They were all there. They wished they were elsewhere. I wished too. But we had already spoken about it. Taming our inner demons. So we were all right there, rejoicing at the ceremony for a new beginning. Quite new to all of us. This school seemed fresh and new. And we were all new joinees. Classmates, best friends and lovers, yet again. Yes. Thank you to this life for bringing all of these people into my life. I need them all, for each is unique in their own way. Thankful for they all stay put. Love for life expanded several fold, since then.

They both looked out - he, out of the window; she - out through the stairway entrance. Now you the reader, before you go elsewhere! You and I, we both know where their thoughts would have travelled.

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