That one man you know

Call it a poem or a short story. This is all about that one guy, one guy she could easily relate, one guy who loves her unconditionally, one guy who is happy for whatever she chooses for your life. The guy might be you, or me or somebody both of us know very well. He is that gentle man to easily rely on. He is the caretaker when she needs to cry. He is there for her when she feels that she is left with none. He was there to be happy for her when she finds Mr. One . He is there for her when Mr. One taught her one lesson. He is not the guy she friendzoned so she doesn’t need to feel guilty, rather he is the one guy who loves her so much that he doesn’t want to lose the friendship. He is the guy who feels that even accidentally proposing might hurt her feelings, not ready to do that to you. He is the guy who is ready hurt himself by not sharing his feel with her rather venting it out to you. He is the guy who goes submissive for her to be dominating. Even after all of this, she might not feel for him nor she might feel that he is not the guy. Yes, he will be happy for her for whatever she chooses. He might not express his thoughts to her, he will be the eternal admirer from a distance but remember he was, he is and he will be her silent guardian, a watchful protector, he is that one Dark Knight and serve his queen regent without any hopes. His ultimate prize is not accepting his love or finding his love, its just acknowledging his existence and care for her.

And with all these words, he tries to pen his love for her, the love that expects little back, the love that expects no recognition and the love that waits for her.