To wait is to Love

A couple of days ago I wrote a post of time. Time being the most powerful object humankind have ever seen, it plays a crucial role in the lives of people. The term of love has been either grossly underrated or overrated. Time, as usual, have a pivotal role in Love too. On the occasion of Valentine’s day, I would like to talk about the time and love.

So acceptance of the proposal is not just about the way of expression or how much you like the other person. It's all about the time. Just think of a situation where both of the people know each other well but the situation is not good for the girl/boy to accept or even think of the relationship. In times like that, forcing the girl/boy to understand the other’s feeling doesn’t make sense. The person after expressing the feel might felt relieved but that doesn’t help the other person. Rather wait for the right time, if you both love and understand each other there is no need for a dramatic proposal. All you have to do is wait for the right time. There is another advantage in this, if you can prove to the other person that you can wait, it shows that you are determined. Proposing at a wrong time and once the other person takes you away from the like list and falling in love with the other person is not cheating, it essentially means that you ruined everything by saying things at the wrong time. You didn’t give your partner a chance to understand you at their own pace. Give them the time, and don’t give them a time frame.

By saying this you might get a thought, for how long ??? If this question arises then truly the test have served its purpose. If you can wait for so long without asking the question how long then it is evident that you have chosen the right partner. If the question of how long protrudes then you have your priorities my dear and choose what you wish. But don’t blame her for not responding at the right time, by forcing your partner to respond soon you are threatening them to make a wrong decision. The person might be in love with you but due to the pressure he/she might have rejected which is even worse. So it's you who ruined the whole setup. If the other person is so much important to you then let them think, don’t strangle them. Let them breathe and only oxygen can help in thinking clearly (yes really, Science says so).

Now don’t come to me after a spending all your life for waiting and say, even then she/he didn’t choose me. You waited because you wanted to, none forced you to do so. You waited to show your love, you have been waiting to convey your determination, you waited despite uncertainty just to show the glimpse of your love not because she/he is a possession to be owned or promised to you by someone. He/She has all rights to reject your proposal n number of times, if you really can’t accept the rejection then don’t propose. Trust me, my dear friend, somehow you will get a partner who loves you despite your shortcomings, the question is are you pouring the same love your partner deserves of living in the past. It's not a sin to live in the past, but do it at your own time not when you are committed to another person.

This convoluted post might say you 'n' number of things but the crux of the post is, wait for the right time, Time is the deciding factor. Now before you pound me with the question of, place yourself in my shoes to understand the same.