The women power

As a custom today you can see a lot of posts in all social media praising the women and saying them that they can do whatever they want. They have the power to do what they want and so on posts will flood your timeline while still, the women in the households struggle to spit out their thoughts let alone doing what they wish.

So in my life, I came across two situations which of women empowerment. I would take this opportunity to share the changes I observed on the same. I am going to explain two scenarios I happen to see among my peer’s life. So the first scenario is the story of a husband and wife. The wife in here is educated from a premium college and completely career oriented. The husband is very compassionate and supportive in achieving her dreams.

They started out pretty well, she travelled the extra mile to achieve excellence in that she has to sacrifice her sleep, time spent with her family be it parents, in-laws and husband. Her career growth was exponential and her family was proud of it. But what happened was different. The initial agreement was to share things but now the situation changed from I earn a lot and growing a lot, so why don’t you give up your job. Yes, the husband was asked to give up his job and take care of the kids. But that’s not it, it is good he took the decision to take care of the kid. But the demeaning words from his wife hurt more than the words from the society. In a conversation, he had to give up the job because his growth was not on par with her and she is the one who can get the job done. Be it a male or female it hurts the ego of a person. The issue here is the husband is not respected as a human by his wife. He did all the household chores, cooking, taking care of the kid. Now the thought that came to my mind is that alpha-male to alpha-female. One dominating man who never empathise his wife to one dominating woman never empathise her husband. The earning person is not helping at households, earning person needs the peace and not to be disturbed by the kids.  Familial constraints stop them from reaching greater heights.

Now I wish to share another story. This is again about the husband and wife. The husband has a clerk job in an organisation. His wife was a graduate. They both shared same values, so to meet the needs she started taking home tuitions for kids. The response was good and so the tuitions timings expanded from just evenings to morning and evening. The husband took care of morning coffee so that she can comfortably take tuitions, and after morning classes they both shared the cooking. He comes late from office so she cooked the dinner and waited for him to have the dinner. After the dinner, he washes the utensils. So that she can have a good night sleep and get ready for the morning classes.

In both cases women had a choice, they excelled and there is nothing wrong in either case. But on assuming that the former case increases then equality might not prevail. But that doesn’t mean that there should be people like that, Human minds are conditioned like that, So rather what we need is two equals who come to a trade off point. Learning begins at home, in future, we don’t need the submissive and dominant roles to be played. We need equals and for that, both have to be equally empowered and share their works. Defining the roles based on gender has to be eradicated but at the same time not at the cost of others.

All we need to achieve is equality, respect for each other and stop stereotyping the gender roles. I would like to share a quote a friend shared that says women doesn’t have to do all that men does because she can do better things in a better way. Men and women are complimentary and it has to be understood to attain peace. To a better society equality and compassion is necessary. We are conditioned to see women as deities or slaves, it is high time for men and women to see either as complimentary ones.


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