Pa Paandi - An album and some thoughts

Recently I happen to write a guest post for my dear friend Pratip in his blog about the music of Power Paandi aka Pa Paandi. While writing the post I was thinking why I liked the album so much? The answer was so simple when you are surrounded by huge noise and all of a sudden the noise stops and you will enjoy the silence and feel the bliss in it. This album came around the time when the songs were all about complicated tunes and detailing, an album giving importance to the lyrics and live sounds came as a fresh breeze of air.
Most of the songs on the album are live orchestrated and not put into heavy synthesizing. In simpler terms, it involves less programming and more of singing and playing instruments. I might have put the terms bluntly but that’s what I felt. In recent time it is kind of hard to recollect a song which had soulful emotions attached to it, and Pa Paandi comes as an only answer. The album was lauded for the same reason of kindling the Raja fan in each and every listener.

After enjoying the album so much, I had a thought cropping up in my mind about the reason for my likeness towards the album. I belong to the crop of listeners who listens to Metallica all day and can continuously listen to Stairway to Heaven and cradle of filth alternatively yet I am able to connect to this album so much. The reason was the sound used on the album. The sounds used were soothing sounds which you associate with a peaceful life. I am not sure If I can call it as sounds of nature but our word association insists so. The unprocessed music from the live instruments gives you a sense of joy that cannot be given by sophisticatedly programmed music. The rustic voice of Sean Roldan was another addition to feel elated. All of this makes you feels close towards nature rather than moving away from nature. At this stage, an album like this made me stop the rush and rest for a while. Taking a step back and looking around gives you a fresh feel and also gives you a sense of belonging to the environment.

Human as a social animal always found a way to synchronize with nature. Then on one fine day, the tables turned and rather than synchronizing humans started to customize the nature. This is where the priority changed and the rat race was begun. Yes, the Human race started the Human RACE and it is still going on. This album gave somehow kindled me to slow down, look back and enjoy the nature. I just wanted to convey my fellow bloggers to sit down, relax a bit and enjoy the nature for a while before you go back to the RACE.