Route of all evil

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about Hypocrisy as a trait or characteristic that makes a human, human. The event that triggered me to write that post was the public outrage for and against the reality show Big Boss aired on Vijay TV. In here, I wanted to address an even bigger issue which triggered me to write the post on the first hand. Mobile networks and social media network dependency are a necessity for many today. They want to have access to the internet and social media 24x7.

Everyone must have come across many memes portraying all the mothers blaming the mobile phones for everything. It seems to be true to a greater extent. 24x7 accessibility to internet and social network is possible due to smartphones. Are we exercising it to our best intentions or are we exploiting it till the last juice of battery and data? This question played in my mind for a very long time. I belong to the Gen Y people who can’t live without their mobile phones. I was available to all my friends 24x7. I am one of those people who text you back instantly. But what it did to me was killing few friendships.
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A person whom you text the whole day can completely see your mood swings, your approach to everything and your work. By glueing yourself to your mobile and being connected to one or many the whole day, what you are ultimately doing is, seeing the world through texts rather than seeing it through your eyes. Now, the question of what’s wrong with this pops up.

Long back, I had a fight with one of my friends at school. We fought so hard and I had hit him on his face. He had cried and I was angry. We had left for the day. I was so angry and had been shouting all the time. When I spoke to my mom and I descended my fury. The next day, as expected he had come with his parents and before anything could happen I went and apologised to him. Things turned topsy-turvy and he was happy and he apologised for provoking me as well. Apparently, his mom had come to make things work and not complain. So, what if the same happens today?

We fight at our school. As soon as we reach our homes, each of us shares an angry status and how we went into depression. Remove our DP in WhatsApp, uninstall certain applications. These would be the actions if the fight ended. If the fight is incomplete then the verbal spats will be continued through WhatsApp, Facebook status and calls of course. We would be having a mode of communication to spurn our anger then and there, so we communicate and unleash our innermost monsters to a petty fight. We don’t give time for our anger to settle a bit and let the mind think. We totally forget that heart is something light as a feather and once torn it’s a bit tough to repair. We hurt them as if it’s not a big deal.

This is the time where our emotions are high and we are at an excited state, ready to feed the unquenching thirst of our Ego. The fuel is right at your fingertips, it’s just a click away. We fight, scold, abuse and get on into our full attitude mode(sadly irreversible at times). Blocking a person is just a click away. The pleasure of blocking someone to prove our point is nothing but an evil dance. Plus, it is a race of the egos. The first person to block wins the race and the person who gets blocked doesn’t stop to think. It seeds the hatred so deep surfaced with egos. Fuelling the ego also provides food for this seed. It outgrows the ego and totally conquers the prey. The hatred doesn’t end in here, it spreads as a web of hatred all over out of nothing. The funny thing here is it all started with and got fuelled by few texts over a smartphone.

For some, it might just look like an exaggerated version of reality. Now let us think all over, how many times have we done something of this sort in the recent past. When was the last time we took some time away from our phones and listened to our surroundings? When was the last time we haven’t ranted our private issues in public platform? When was the last time we talked and settled things out after cooling down? When was the last time we talked in person and not on the phone to settle things down? When was the last time we actually had a proper conversation not hindered by a gadget?

I am not pinpointing anyone in here it includes me too. Sadly we belong to the generation who are ready to exploit the technology and forget to take a moment to breathe before acting. We fail to savour the moment and reactions are momentarily high. We give in to the boiling emotions that lead to the distraught. All we have to do is take a deep breath and think.

Let us not exploit the technology and resources available and make use of it only if it's necessary. Be it technology or the emotions, it shouldn’t control us, we have to control them. Although each has their own forte they form the best pair in spoiling the relationships. Never let them unleash the darkness within you before you unveil it yourself.