Origin - A Good thriller with intriguing questions

I am one of the few who won’t read any novel when it released. I take my own time for the popularity to settle so that to get away from the initial biased opinions. But I decided to read this book due to a friend’s suggestion. Origin is the Fifth instalment of the much acclaimed Robert Langdon series books. Robert Langdon is invited for a special announcement at Guggenheim museum at Bilbao by his former student and a futurist Edmond kirsch. Just like any other Dan Brown novel, an unfortunate incident happens and a puzzle emerges. Robert Langdon solves the puzzle along with Ambra Vidal, the director of Guggenheim museum and with the help of A.I assistant Winston. The futurist Edmond Kirsch’s presentation revolves around the topic of Origin of the species and the direction of the species. This intrigued me to cling on to the book.

“Where do we come from, where are we going” If you are answering such questions in your book, then it is a bit tough to convince the readers. The initial chapters set the stage perfectly and the theories are convincing in a way. What made me write the review is not the answers but the questions. Any good book won’t give you right answers but makes you ask the right question. This book gave me a lot of questions to ponder on.
I would suggest this book if you are interested in the origin or Robert Langdon or simply intrigued by the existence of the universe or just want to read a good thriller. I bought this book in the Kindle store for just 68 rupees. I have placed the link/image below to buy the Kindle edition. The Kindle edition is priced 340 rupees now though.