Review: Malice

Malice Malice by Keigo Higashino
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Keigo Higashino, the name is much more familiar to the Movie buffs like me who have seen the movie Devotion of Suspect X. That’s how I came across this brilliant writer, yet I took a lot of time to read his works. The long pending task started yesterday with his book Malice. Oh Boy, faster reads seemed travelling at a slow-mo to me after reading this wonderful piece. Obviously, the views here are biased as I am writing this post on cloud nine.

Malice says the story of the acclaimed and the best selling author Kunihiko Hidaka, who was brutally murdered at his home. The body is found by his best friend Osamu Nonoguchi and Hidaka’s wife. The case is investigated by Detective Kaga. Soon he finds the murderer and thus begins the story.

The murder happens within first few pages and the murderer is found sooner too. What remains the mystery the motive of the murder. The twists and turns unfold in a perfect and intelligent manner. Here, we are told about the murderer and how the murder took place. But the motive for the murder is the mystery unfolding.

What made this book pretty amazing is not only the pace but rather the detailing and the character arc. The characters are well crafted and layered with all those the pace of the book is super fast. I would rate this book in my must-read lists. On my way to check the other works of Keigo Higashino.

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