Review: Salvation of a Saint

Salvation of a Saint Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another classic from Keigo Higashino. My second book of Higashino after Malice. The characters are well etched and the maintains the consistency all over. This is the first book in the Detective Galileo series and I am totally amazed by the characterisation of the Prof. Yukawa.

As usual, the story starts with a death of a main character in the very beginning. The suspect pool is very short and everyone has a very strong alibi and it is impossible to break the story. Is it a suicide or a homicide? IF so, who would be the one to have committed the crime? How the crime was committed stands as the big question. As the story progresses you know the person who committed the crime in few pages, but how and why takes its own time to unravel.

This book is an ultimate page-turner and at the same time, the characters in the story are layered, well etched and humane as possible. Keigo Higashino is a rare breed of writer who can give you a racy story with in-depth characterisation. If you are a mystery lover or want to have an interesting read with some work for your grey matter then this my friend is a must read.

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