Laboratory, this word may sound distinct to distinct people. For a common man it is a place for invention, for a scientist it is heaven, for a school student it is a play ground and finally for a college student, especially for an engineering student it is a hell.
Am going to talk about the hell, which shouldn’t be a hell. First thing is the entrance, that makes the student irritating. The observation note is a big thing which is the main cause for the student for not observing the experiment. The readings, comes like an atom bomb which scares everyone to be away from the knowledge. Then comes the neatness, this factor affects the concentration of every student. It helps in keeping the student’s concentration perfectly away from the experiment. When one tries to learn something from the experiment then comes a big problem called period bell. It rings as if it is a big mistake to learn. Even after all this a student tries to learn then the lab in charge comes to scold him and does the experiment himself, without explaining a single step. Then if a student tries to figure the activity done by him at home means it is destructed by the record work. It won’t help a student at any instance. So for what reason a student entering a lab. Some people also thought about it, so they are not allowing the student, who really wants to learn the subject, inside the lab and waste their time. Any way engineering college and the students rockzzz.