“Greed is a bad thing, probably the worst of things. No bad thing lives.”

The above said sentence is my own compilation inspired by Stephen King’s words. We people have the tendency to greed. Although we knew the difference between pushing the limits and greed, we do forget it always. The reason for the post is due to an awkward situation I recently went under. A friend of mine asked me to meet someone for explaining about a business. As I was curious in pursuing my further education in business venture, I thought it might add something up to know knowledge attic. My upper chamber is not always active but it gets excited on hit by some key words namely growth, knowledge, business etc. so I went for the meet and the person was explaining me about their venture plan. He started off with asking my income and my expectation and questioned me about why am I restricting my mind with so low amount. Then began the conversation about the company, He told that they work on two streams namely IT firm and Business firm. The IT firm gives you a domain name, dedicated server, courses about SEO and lots and lots of other features which include mobile app developing. I was stunned on hearing this and the next question I asked is that how much, which is the only thing went on my mind. He said it is just 9K but it’s real worth is 2.5 Lakhs. I was stunned to hear it because one of my blogger friends is charging just 5K or around so do the same and another friend is not even spending 900 rupees for his website. SEO techniques can be acquired by the Search engine itself (blame it on google). So the next question I asked was why you are doing so, what is the point in giving it in at a dead cheap rate to us, what the hell the company has to gain from it (this is according to his term). As I expected I never got the answer from him, nor from his higher official to whom I talked later.

The next thing he explained was business firm of their company. One has to refer or make two candidates to join in the firm and if any of the made another join in the firm then the one will be paid 2K per two. Theoretically it gave me a whopping 14 lakhs for the first year. It was nothing but multilevel marketing, just like the famous AMWAY, Herbalife and so on. Herbalife even got into some problem for it’s MLM techniques which I am not completely aware of. When explaining I too fall in the trap for a while, of course I am too a human. I asked if that’s the case why not many billionaires and millionaires are roaming around. He also said that 20% of the youth in Chennai are enrolled in their company and even convinced me that their saturation is far away so I can make a hell lot of money. The bottleneck is solely based on our marketing technique (Thanks to Prason for introducing me the term Bottleneck in here). I don’t think that one can easily get people to spend 9K for building a website. Irony is the people who have no idea about the website creation and its contents are enrolled. I don’t blame them nor laugh at them, even I too started as a novice. But my motive was to write something which I wish to share and give some sheer pleasure for readers and big relief to myself. One should note that Facebook was cool because it didn’t feature any ad. When it was created and it did continue for a long term. Here the people wanted to make money at higher scale at the beginning of their site. Now the commercial term of creating a website for people to visit, may be innovation comes but money becomes the prime motive and content which people likes, or let me rephrase my term the content which mass likes. I don’t want to comment on further about this as everyone has their own motive to start a website and I have no rights to talk about it, but what I can say is the victory of the company, deviating you from your path and put you in their path. Just like a company which was sued some years ago for MLM gave a nice alibi that it never emphasized on MLM but rather 90% of its business came from selling products and less than .20% of people are paid for the MLM. This company got its flair for the alibi, a novel alibi which says, you paid me I gave you and that’s it.

Just like I started, I wish to say to my friends coming Monday is April 1, please don’t fall into their trap as a prey. 


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