South Korean Ambassador

Today in a Tamil daily called Dinamalar I saw a news that nearly startled me. It may not sound the same to you, the news is that, “South Korea appoints SRK as goodwill ambassador”. Ring anything? No? Yes its not that big but what startled me is the news that followed. For your information I am going to copy and paste the news published in Times of India about the same. According to Times of India report, “So you know South Korea only as the land of Samsung and Hyundai? The King Khan could introduce you to Kukkiwon, the world famous taekwondo academy, Psy of Gangnam Style fame and K-pop, the mouthwatering Korean barbeque. To South Koreans, the actor could teach their first cricket team a thing or two about the business of the game - maybe organize the first match between Kolkata Knight Riders and the Koreans. And, perhaps, open Bollywood to a new part of the world." This is what itched me.

Are they really know what is happening around here ? And if King Khan introduces us something called Tae Kwondo now then few years back how did his son got a belt in the sport and few other stars are students of the famous Master Javed and Master Jimmy. To be frank the most used martial artists are from Taekwondo in Bollywood. Ok let us ignore the Bollywood fact and come to the common man or sports person whether they know or at least the government recognizes the sport? The famous sport Taekwondo is a part of the SGFI, the expansion for is School Games Federation of India. They conduct games for school students based on the performance in the same only decides the sports quota for various students. It along with fencing was added as new games in SGFI 7 years ago. Akshay Kumar also has a blackbelt in Taekwondo mind it. So the above famous sports in India will be introduced by King Khan. As it came in tamil news paper too my mom asked me a question, “Now they are introducing Taekwondo means, what were you practicing for the past 7 years and what your master was teaching for the past 30 years”. I was also thinking the same, anyway just by ranting here SRK nor the South Korean government is not going to hear any my comments so I have to conclude my Taekwondo rant here. But still I want to see a positive picture here, at least now will the government allow any of us to represent India in Olympics for the Sport, we have SAI team practicing diehard to represent. If SRK can get at least one player to represent India then I will be the happiest person and I will forgive SRK for all his gimmicks.

Now coming to the second point of introducing Psy who people already know, even if someone can say lower class people might have heard him then you are probably wrong as we have enough man and money power to kill his song in our Rangrezzzzzzzzz. Beyond PSY there are great singers in K-Pop which I am sure SRK might not have known at all. Please do check the fan base of Lee Minho it is higher than that of rising teen stars. And series are already famous and none of them mentioned the movies of South Korea which is already doing rounds in here. The same Times of India has published an article about rising Korean popularity in here. So what our star going to do, that may be none of my business but sure if something like screening of Kim ki duk, Park Chan Wook, Kim Ji Woon movies are did regularly then I would appreciate, it will be not just me but a whole lot of guys around here. Have the government ever visited any film fest in India and checked the responses for Kim Ki Duk movies, here we have a strong fan base for him than you have in Korea. So what our SRK, sorry King Khan is going to bring here from Korea ?

Please don't bring more Korean sets please, we have plenty of those. And if you can make a guy/girl represent Olympics in Taekwondo or some regular screening South Korean Movies or at least a uncut Theatrical release of Kim ki Duk movies, I will bow my head and support chennai, kerala, kanyakumari and so on Expresses. 

P.S: Thanks to Dinamalar for the Image courtesy.