Being Sallu Bhai

I am seeing lots of day posts such as wordless Wednesday, thoughts of Thursday etc., so I decided to give a Tuesday Twist Post. This post is about the most renowned and most loved actor of Indian Cinema. Its none other than Salman Khan who we often fondly call as Sallu Bhai. So before anyone ask why he is the most famous/ most loved actor I am going to justify it with few points.

  • He is the Pioneer of 100 Crore club, when people started talking about it after Ghajini in 2008, he started it at 1994 itself (Although some may argue its worldwide still its 100 Crore at that time is too big yaar). Beyond it he has the maximum number of movies in 100 Crore club(5 movies).
  • He is the one who emphasized on bringing Indian flavour by remaking all South films rather than stealing from West. He came down south, saw all the movies and picked up the best (errr… may be worst anyway that doesn’t matter) and made it in Hindi and brought new talents to light. He gave hope for South makers that they can come to bollywood too if they can make B.S there you can do not only M.S but also P.H.D here.
  • He has good command over the people. His mere screen presence has brought the numbers. He is pioneer of removing shirts in Indian Cinema. Even Amir’s eight packs doesn’t stand before Sallu Bhai’s Six Packs.
  • He introduced and backed up talents. He supported young artistes. He launched career of many including the famous Himesh ‘Oooooooooooohhhhh” Reshammiya.
  • He is son of a writer and so he even produced a literature piece made into a movie.
  • He is 40+ but still lives a life of an orndinary Indian. He served his prison term. He is now being Human now (Don’t ask me what was he before). Above all he is still a virgin even after having a string (isn’t that an understatement) of girlfriends.
  • He is a good actor. To those critics who yell at his acting is so lame, have you seen Koffee with Karan. If you can’t enjoy that performance as good then you can’t be a critic or a movie fan either.

The above reasons are enough for accepting that Sallu Bhai is the most famous Indian actor. I would go further and say he is the Chetan Bhagat of Indian cinema. Both did the same to their field.

P.S: Expansion for the terms B.S, M.S, P.H.D can be found in one of my previous post.
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  1. enn da? eppo salman dhan kedachana unakku? avaney paavam oru girlfrend ku ellama kashtpadaran...avana poiye otikitu eruka

    1. Avara kalaaikalaye, avar pugazha solren boss. Ethana girlfrnd irunthaalum thaan uthamar nu sonnavar.

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    Happy New Year - 2014 - So where is the MBA student joining :) ?

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