This is my 100th post(officially as I cannot count the deleted posts). At last I am crossing the milestone of hundred which few of my crosses every year. Although the number doesn’t matter, what matters is the passion to write and express the thoughts which I am doing for quite some time. It took me more than two months to write my hundredth post, as I was wondering what to write as I wanted this milestone post to be special. But when you want something to be special and concentrate much on that it leaves you with void. So I decided to stare the screen and start writing all the things that I was storing in my mind for the past few weeks. In the fourth year of my journey in the blogosphere I still feel like an infant (indeed I am) whenever I read a new writer or a blogger. I have to thank my blogger friends who have been a great motivation and helped me to explore the not only the literary world but also the real world. The blog which started as a rant and turned into a spoof blog grown into a satire and scattered into something else is a companion to me now.

After entering into a school to understand the business world, all I was trying is to see things through the eyes of Kotler, Stephen Robbins and Dominic Salvatore rather than the eyes of Doyle, Coelho and Lee Child. As usual the showoff tag came along with me. But this time it is enjoyable and fun to see the world with the different perspective. Seeing things in terms of science and seeing things in terms of management perspective is lot of fun and challenging. My fears towards few subjects were gone as the challenge in learning questioned me rather than frustrated me. Once again I have to thank movies and documentaries, my early love and perennial love interest to explore the world and constantly kindling interest in the challenging subjects by giving a movie on that subject. So if a movie comes in any subject, I am pretty sure I will learn that subject. In that case I wish to convey my thanks to few people who suddenly came to my mind. I have to thank Christopher Nolan to make me go back to Physics to make myself ready for the Interstellar, the Documentary Inside Job for creating interest in Economics and Financial jargons and list goes on. I wish to mention my blogger friends each separately but the list will go beyond pages and I am pretty sure they will understand that. The post has turned into a thank you post from a usual ranting post.

So basically nothing new in this post but pretty soon I will come with yet another interpretation post and a so called satire post to bore my readers.

P.S: I dedicate this post as usual to my American bots who regularly increase my page views whenever I post a blog post.


  1. restart some series - like the martial arts series you did earlier...

  2. " all I was trying is to see things through the eyes of Kotler"
    This happened to me too...
    Kudos on your 100th post


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