The Bestseller she wrote - Review

The Bestseller she wrote is the latest book by author Ravi Subramanian who is as many knows as one of the fast moving writer. He is an alumnus of the prestigious IIMB. AS a B School student I am always forced to see anything as a product and see the value proposition and that is what exactly the author is doing. In fact the book itself started when a conversation started in a literature fest where the author was asked a question as why are the new authors seeing the books as a product rather than something divine for which the author have replied that if that’s divine why are putting a price tag and placing it in a bookstore.  As my professors and many marketing gurus explain there is always preferable to go for the Niche market rather than mass market.  As an alumnus he has catered it properly and positioned himself in the new genre of Banking Thriller. From the past we can obviously say that his strategy has paid off.
Now coming to this book one can say that the protagonist has been heavily inspired from the author himself. The story starts with the banker turned writer Adhithya’s guest lecture in the IIMB where he is the alumnus. There he happens to meet an aspiring writer Shreya and love blossoms for the already married author. He then helps Shreya towards the progress of her book. This book is kinda different from his previous works and the author determined to try something new to break from stereotyping his works.  This is kind of a welcome note and I also liked some of the digs he made at his contemporary writers.

This book is as usual a page turner and I happen to complete the book during a travel from Madurai to Trichy. Of course the book has to be completed in a two way travel not in the single way even then it was good read during the travel. It was after completing the book I accidentally saw the cover of the book and it was mentioned that soon to be motion picture. It is clear that the author had the motion picture in his mind and clearly made the book to suit the need. I am not actually against the commercial novels. I feel that whatever the book it has to be faithful to whatever it promises. The author has made sure that he is giving the right amount of mix to the dish he is serving. Anyone can clearly see the business man in him by the way the book has been composed.

As mentioned by the author earlier about the conversation that made to start the book about the book being a product he has made sure that the value proposition offered is perfect so that the customer satisfaction is at a decent level. I would recommend this book to the readers who are interested in reading but find it difficult to follow the language at advanced level. This will serve as a good entertainment and a practice to move further in writing.

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  1. hmmm... somehow not too much attracted towards such novels, generally those fictions written by management folks... always feel that there is some 'manipulation' intent sprayed across the novel and its characters...

    1. Yes very much true. You can see the influence of the Management degree all over.


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